Wall connection

On request, we offer customers with a wall connection (no socket) the option of installing an internal power supply unit. Then we lead a cable out of the back wall of the illuminated image for connection to a 230V connection. For this version we charge an extra charge of € 25.00. The protruding cable must be hidden in the wall or in the mounting box, as the back wall of the illuminated image is closed. The image can also be displayed via e.g. a light switch can be switched on and off and it retains the last selected setting (color, brightness or color change mode). If you are interested, the order should be made by email. We also need the following information from you:

  1. Cable exit
    Please tell us the place on the back wall where we can lead out the cable for the 230V wall connection. To do this, imagine that you are standing in front of the picture hanging on the wall. Now tell us how many centimeters from the left and how many centimeters from the upper edge of the picture the cable should be led out.
  2. Cable length
    How long should the cable be that we lead out of the back wall? Usually 30-50cm is sufficient here.
  3. Delivery address
    If your billing address differs from your delivery address, please also let us know your billing address.
  4. Image size
    You can choose from our 3 standard sizes. 100x70cm, 80x60cm or 60x40cm.
  5. execution
    Please let us know whether you want the "front" or "fully" version.
  6. motive
    Either you choose a motif from our collections or you send us your desired motif.

After receiving the information, you will receive an order confirmation for checking. After you have paid either by PayPal or by bank transfer, we usually need about a week for the completion of your lightbox multicolor light image. Just write us a no-obligation message.

Desired size

We can realize almost any desired format. Just write to us about this.